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Resources and Support Groups

Please, bear with us. This area of the site is under construction. Please check back often for updated content.

What You Can Find on This Page:  Table of Contents

  • Online Resources and Support:

    • Following a Difficult Birth 

    • Following a Loss

    • For Infertility

    • For Complicated Pregnancies

    • For the NICU 

    • For Postpartum Psychosis

    • For Partners

    • For Adoptive Parents

    • For BIPOC Parents 

    • For Birth Mothers and Surrogates

  • Online Breastfeeding Resources

  • Local Area Support Groups

Online Resources and Support Following a Difficult Birth

Online Resources and Support Following a Difficult Birth

Solace for Mothers copy.jpg
ICAN copy.jpg

Trauma and Birth Stress - PTSD After Childbirth:  An New Zealand based site intended to provide information about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) following childbirth. Information includes diagnostic criteria, risk factors, self-help, recommendations, research updates, and stories of survival.

Solace for Mothers - Healing After a Traumatic Birth: An online organization            developed in order to offer support to mothers who have experienced childbirth  as traumatic. Includes an online forum for mothers and those who love and support them, an online directory of providers, links to additional resources, and suggested readings.

International Cesearean Awareness Network - ICAN: "The International Cesarean Awareness Network is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery, and advocating for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)."

Home Birth Cesarean: "This website provides support, resources, and awareness around planned out-of-hospital births that end in cesareans, referred to as Homebirth Cesareans (HBC)." This site offers information about Homebirth Cesarean workshops and the Homebirth Cesarean movement, as well as personal stories shared by impacted individuals.

The Birth Trauma Association (BTA) - Helping People Traumatized by Childbirth: BTA is an online charity organized to support women who have experienced a traumatic birth. The site provides a wealth of information for people impacted by traumatic birth, including: understanding birth trauma, interpreting hospital notes, access to online support groups, birth stories, additional resources, and recommended readings.

Hyperemesis Education and Research - HER Foundation: This website offers well-rounded support for women impacted by HG, as well as those who support her. Information about HG facts, current research, qualified professionals, and clinical interventions are included. 

Online Resources and Support Following a Loss

Grief Watch.png
Shoshana Center.jpg

Help After Neonatal Death (HAND): HAND offers resources for bereaved parents, family and friends, and providers. Support groups are available for pregnancy and infant loss, and subsequent pregnancy (group topics subject to change.

Resolve (The National Infertility Association)

Pregnancy After Loss Support

Grief Watch

PLIDA (Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance

Shoshana Center for Reproductive Health Psychology

Data-yze: "Knowing doesn't have to be scary. The Miscarriage Odds Reassurer is designed to remind us that our pregnancies are more likely to result in babies than end prematurely."

Online Resources for Postpartum Psychosis


Action on Postpartum Psychosis:  A national charity for women and families affected by Postpartum Psychosis. APP offers support groups, resources, current research updates, general information, and training opportunities.

PSI Logo-pp.png

Postpartum Support International: Provides information, supports, and resources for women and families.

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